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My Vineyard Blog

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"What gives our dreams their daring is that they can be realized" 

- Le Corbusier

13th February 2008 | My Vineyard Blog

We spend the morning tasting the 2006 with the intention of making up the final lote for bottling in the spring. The wines have plenty of fresh, crunchy fruit but some vats are slightly lacking in structure compared to 2005.

12th February 2008 | My Vineyard Blog

Early spring in the Serra. The mimosa looks spectacular against the clear blue sky. A cold wind blows off from the mountains taking the temperature down to 4oC. But the sun has some warmth in it and we manage to lunch outside at Tomba Lobos restaurant.

28th May 2005 | My Vineyard Blog

The 2006 Pedra Basta has been in bottle for nearly a month so I pull a cork to see how it is faring. The oak is still quite evident on the nose, more so I feel than the ’05 at the same stage, but it only needs time to integrate.