Vineyard For Sale

Wednesday 1st November 2017: 

It has been a challenging year in the vineyard as well as for me personally at Quinta do Centro. In the vineyard we had an exceptionally warm spring and, despite the summer not being especially hot, we picked red grapes in August for the first time ever. By the time I arrived for vintage in early/mid-September (after the children had gone back to school in the UK), the harvest had come to an end. For us as well as many others in Portugal it was the earliest vintage on record. Early harvests like this do not usually lead to great wines: there is a lack of balance about them. This year we sold off all our grapes and no wine will be bottled under the Sonho Lusitano label. 

This leads me to another aspect of our business. The business partnership formed between Rui Reguinga and myself in 2005 has not been working well for sometime now and this year it broke down irretrievably. This is not the place to go into the whys and wherefores of this other than to say, despite making some good wines, we were not generating the sales. 'Living the Dream' has at times meant living a nightmare over the last two years. So after much reflection it is with considerable sadness that I have decided to put Quinta do Centro up for sale. It is a beautiful property in a wonderful place making excellent wine but over the last 18 months I have come to the realisation that the business in Portugal is impossible to manage from the UK where I am spending the majority of my time. 

If you are (or you know anyone who is) interested in buying a working vineyard with a wonderful architect designed winery and four houses for restoration, please click on the link below: