Wednesday 12th April - Spring going on Summer.

After a wet winter, the barragem is full to overflowing and the landscape is looking particularly luxuriant this spring. The colours are electric at the moment with the yellow of the giesta (broom) and the stark white esteva flowers under a bright blue sky. After the frosts three weeks ago, it now feels like summer today with the thermometer reaching 30oC before lunchtime.  I walk round the vineyard inspecting the frost damage which now seems to be minimal. With plenty of ground water, the vines seem to have recovered quickly, helped by the warm weather.  The grass between the rows of vines has recently been mown and mauch of the vineyard looks like a manicured garden. But there is no forecast of any more rain at the moment and if this hot weather continues it won’t be many weeks before the spring green fades to straw then burnt umber.