A Break from the Blog

I have not been blogging this summer, not from the lack of anything to write but because of continual internet / IT problems and (though no connection) my website has been redesignd and rebuilt. We are now on the cusp of vintage after a long hot summer. I have learnt never to make predictions after 2014 but at the moment we have a good crop of ripe, healthy grapes on the vine. The heat is continuing and yesterday it was 41oC in Portalegre. Apart from a brush with the tail end of an Atlantic Depression this weekend, the forecast is set fair with the temperature falling to the high twenties after the weekend. I shouldn't say anything until the grapes are in the vat but my fear is that due to the hot, dry summer we might find some of the wines rather unbalanced this year. It has been similarly hot and dry in parts of France so I don't think we will be alone. But as things stand I think we are set fair for vintage.