Unstable Spring

I woke up to the sound of a cuckoo this at 5.30 this morning but it does not feel very spring-like here. It is a national holiday today (Corpo de Deus) but it is all hands to the pumps (literally) as we prepare to bottle Pedra Basta Branco 2015 and Pedra Basta Parcela Granito 2014 tomorrow. Spring has been abnormally wet with the April showers turning into a May downpour. It rained heavily form the 5th to 13th May before the thermometer short up to 30oC for a day or so on 19th. Since then the weather has been unstable with more showers, high humidity and temperatures in the high teens to low 20s. As a result we have had to spray the vines against mildew three times already this year and with more rain forecast this weekend we are spraying again today. So much rain has fallen that a spring has broken out in the middle of the Syrah vineyard. One of the advantages of the rain however is the fact that the wild flowers are still in bloom. As I write this at the end of the day, the sun is shining with light clouds scudding through the sky. The peacefulness of the a national holiday is only interrupted by the painful squawking of my neighbour’s peacocks and thechocapalhas (bells) on the sheep.