Portalegre à moda

There has been an unprecedented demand for grapes in Portalegre this year. Suddenly the region seems to be fashionable with producers from further south looking to the Serra de São Mamede for the essential freshness and definition so often lacking on the plains. This is good for local growers, many of whom have been badly let down by the local co-op which has been unable to pay its members on time. But it is not so good for Portalegre in the long-term as the grapes are often transported out of the area to be vinified. Not only does this deny employment locally, it also means that we lose some of our identity as a sub-region. Only wine vinified within the Portalegre region is entitled to be bottled as DOC Portalegre, otherwise it must be Vinho Regional Alentejo. It is something that we are rather conscious of and I think that we need to look at bottling future vintages of both Pedra Basta and Pedra e Alma as DOC Portalegre.