Three Old Ports

The following three wines were served blind over dinner on the eve of the 1994 Vintage Port tasting. I made short notes a follows:

Dalva 1967 Colheita ****

Bottled for Portuguese chef and restaurateur Rui Paula: old amber-tawny with a thin olive green rim; gentle with a touch of butterscotch on the nose, slightly lifted as you would expect from a wine of this age and really rather lovely; seemingly sweet and sour on the palate, lovely figgy fruit and not that sweet or unctuous. Lovely gentle finish. Very good.   17.5

Cockburn 1960 ***

Bottled in Denmark: pale amber in colour;  a rather strange aroma of eucalyptus and wild mint, very upfront; very sweet and exotic on the palate, rather medicinal with a boiled sweets and cough mixture charcater. Still fresh and alive but not very well balanced - was it ever? A rather difficult wine to mark: 16

Tuke Holdsworth 1931 ****

Bottled in Denmark by Kjaer & Smmerfelt: very, very pale amber tawny; delicate, fragile aromas, a touch lifted; similarly delicate and light on the palate but rather lovely, retaining vestigial honeyed sweetness with an candied orange peel character. Seamless from start to finish. 17.5    

Location: Den gamle kro restaurant , Odense