The End of Self-imposed Travel Embargo

 After constant travelling back and forth for the first nine months of 2013 I resolved to stay put from mid-October whilst keeping in regular contact with our importers and customers. I must say that the time has been well spent and I don’t miss the queuing in airports, baggage restrictions, lack of legroom and the general hassle and time wasting that goes with international travel these days. But I am rather looking forward to escaping to Portugal next week. It has been raining relentlessly there since the end of December (just as it has in the southern half of the UK) and there has been no cold weather to speak of as yet. Although I fully expect to be holed up in the adega, I am really looking forward to tasting through our 2013 vintage now that the wines have gone through malo-lactic. I wonder how different our wines will be depending on when the grapes were picked. It felt like a vintage of two halves.