The First Day of Autumn

The first day of autumn and it still feels like mid-summer. The thermomenter has been in the low to mid-thirties today and the air is still unseasonably warm, even into the night. We have now picked all the young vine Aragonez and we move onto Trindcadeira on Tuesday. At the moment the summer weather is set to continue until next Friday when heavy rain is forecast. We had better take a good look at the old vines now where we also have a fair amount of Trincadeira alongside Alicante Bouschet, Grand Noir, Aragonez and some other unidentifiable varieties. Trincadeira rots from within the bunch as soon as there is any rain so it might be a race against time for all these grapes to ripen before the heavens open. Given that there has been so little rain, I fear that when it starts it may never stop. But then I always was a glass-half-empty rather than a glass-half-full person!