Spring is in the Air

The vineyard is thoroughly drenched after a month of relentless rain. There is water standing amid the vines in places where I have never seen it before.  Soil compaction does not help and the too-ing and fro-ing of the tractor has left tramlines of water in some poorly drained parts of the quinta. The barragem is full to overflowing and I can’t see there being a shortage of water this year no matter how dry the summer of 2013 turns out to be. We just have to hope that this is not a repeat of 2010 with a huge crop that then struggled to ripen due to the extreme late summer heat. At the moment the vines are very behind with bud burst just starting to take place in some varieties. The heavy cloud and lack of light has held things up for the last month. But spring is in the air and the forecast is for some fine weather with the temperature rising into the high teens this week.