Something has happened to methat has never happend before: I have completely lost my sense of taste and smell. I caught a very nasty bug (almost certainly from one of the children) towards the middle last month and by Christmas Day, alongside all the symptoms of a heavy cold, I couldn’t taste a thing. The only way that I could distinguish turkey from potato by its texture! It meant that I couldn’t really enjoy the wines that I had put aside for Christmas: Henriot 1996 and Chateau Cos d’Estournel 1990, both of which I know to be rather good. Now we are well into the New Year and I still can’t smell anything: the house might be burning down and I wouldn’t know it! I can just about taste acidity, salt and sweetness but none of the subtleties have come back as yet. It is beginning to worry me, especially as I am well into a course of anti-biotics to rid myself of the infection and I need to be able to smell and taste wines again soon!  Anyway 2012 is the year when we have our full range of wines up and running: Pedra Basta 2009, Duas Pedras 2010 and our latest wine, Pedra e Alma 2009. This will be launched in the UK at the Richards Walford Portfolio Tasting in London on 25th January. I hope to be able to taste again by then!