We held our adiafa here at the winery last night. This is the traditional meal to mark the end of vintage. I drank some of the Duas Pedras 2010 which we had opened for UK wine writer Julia Harding MW who had visited earlier in the day. Despite being in bottle for just over a week it is already showing really well. My initial fear that it would be too different from the 2009 is unfounded as it is full of soft, ripe fruit with just a touch more oak to give it structure. Although this is noticeable on the nose at the moment it shouldn’t take long to integrate. At the end of the evening fired up the barbeque and roasted some locally grown chestnuts in a púcara., a clay urn. They went fabulously well with one of my favourite 20 Year Old Tawnies, Ramos Pinto’s Quinta do Bom Retiro. This afternoon it is still 31oC but the weather doesn’t really matter any more now that we have everything safely in the adega. Gabriela, our charming young estagiaria from Argentina left today after what must have felt like 6 weeks hard labour!