Pruning for 2011

We are starting pruning this week and have decided to save on labour costs by mechanically pre-pruning the Trincadeira 2000 and the Alicante Bouschet. The only problem is that it has rained so much over the past few days that it is impossible to get the machinery into the vineyard. The barragem (dam) is already full to overflowing and if it rains much more we will be facing the same situation as last year with spring groundwater levels leading to high vigour and high yields. For this reason I have asked the pruning team to be very severe on the Alicante Boushet which always over produces and the Touriga Nacional vines on the deep soils close to the stream. With Touriga Nacional which is very sensitive to desavinho (poor berry-set) we run the risk of having no grapes at all but after last year I am prepared to take that risk. I prefer quality to quantity!