Tasting the 2010 vintage

With the malo-lactics just about complete we spend the day in the adega racking the wines off the lees and tasting the 2010 vintage. We have some good and some not so good wine, the result of some heavy yields in parts of the vineyard. The Trincadeira from the 2000 vineyard has performed surprisingly well this year producing a lightish but attractive fragrant,  fruity wine with firm tannins and without the herbaceous quality that we sometimes get with this variety. A good result. The Touriga Nacional – Syrah - Viognier blend also looks good. These varieties seem to complement each other and the wine is quite grippy with fresh spicy-sappy flavours. The vinha velha wine is looking quite promising too, not especially deep in colour but combining the freshness that is the hallmark of this vintage with more depth and concentration. The disappointments come with the young vine Arragonez which looks rather light and simple and the Touriga Nacional from the high yielding rows of vines near the ribeirawhich were kept separate. The wine looks quite stretched and attenuated without much colour or depth. It won’t make the Pedra Basta blend and will probably end up with the press wine in Pedra F!  First conclusions: this is not going to be a Pedra e Alma year (although 2009 almost certainly is) but with strict selection I think we will still make a good Pedra Basta in 2010.