Fado Day

The rain never came so we continued picking (although further south and over the border in Spain they had a night of torrential rain). The young vine Syrah is looking good and for the first time we also have some Viognier to ferment with it (14.6 baumé). That leaves Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, some old vine Arragonez and Cabernet Sauvignon for next week plus some other odds and ends. We sent samples of the Touriga and Alicante off for analysis today to ascertain when they will be ready to pick. I recall least year saying that we had a happy atmosphere in theadega with plenty of singing. This year we have music to keep us happy, from an old ghetto blaster that someone has brought in. Yesterday it was Radio Cidade (mostly R&B) today has been Fado Day. I discover today that Alexandre who works with Luís in the vineyard during vintage  (and is a knife grinder in Portalegre the rest of the time) is a pretty good fado singer. At the end of the day today he promised to bring a cake in next week and sing fado!