A hot weekend in the Serra

The heat has returned and we have temperatures in the high 30s. Driving up from Lisbon yesterday the car thermometer registered 41 degrees centigrade near Ponte de Sor. Last night I went to the birthday party of an English neighbour and when I left at 3.30am the thermometer was still registering 29oC. Tomba Lobos, the excellent little restaurant that we have in the nearby hamlet of Pedra Basta, is closing today and will re-open at the end of August in new premises (formerly O Tarro) in the centre of Portalagre. I had lunch there today, full of saudades after the many good lunches and dinners we have had there over the past five years. It is a loss to our locality and the new location won't be nearly as convenient for us all although the new building is much more suitable for a restaurant with the calibre of Tomba Lobos (one of the few restaurants outside Lisbon and the Algarve to be awarded a 'golden fork' in the 2010 edition of Boa Cama, Boa Mesa).