Is it March or May?

It feels more like March than May. A cold north wind is blowing over the Serra.    Heavy, thundery showers alternate with bright sunshine and the temperature was just 6oC at the end of the afternoon. After a spell of warm weather at the end of April, the vines are busting forth but so are the weeds! We are now mowing in between the rows of vines and the vineyard looks so much better. Long term this will be good for the soil and reduce the amount of erosion on some of the steeper slopes. We have spent the week together the final lote for the 2008 Pedra Basta this week and it looks pretty good. The wine is similar in style to the 2007 with fresh berry fruit with firm, well defined tannins. It has the finesse that we are looking for (lacking from so many wines from the Alentejo) and I think it will develop well in bottle. We plan to the bottle wine next month and release it at the end of the summer.