Is anyone listenting?

I hear that Tim Atkin is the latest victim of the recession, downsizing, dumbing down - call it what-you-will. Tim is one of the UKs more readable wine writers and his weekly column in the Observer was always worth taking in. Now it is to be reduced to a handful of wine recommendations aka the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph who have also dispensed with their regular columnists.  But as poacher turned gained keeper I am not sure if anyone is really listening to wine writers (or politicians) in the UK. With the exception of Jancis Robinson’s erudite and lively column in the FT, I have never found that anyone takes notice of the recommendations or wine scribes. Whenever Pedra Basta is recommended in the UK press I try to monitor the sales uplift and it seems to be virtually nil.  An excellent write-up in a leading regional newspaper led to the direct sale of one bottle! But as a wine producer I am always grateful for any product endorsement and delight in reprinting and reproducing any praise for our wine. So wine writers, please keep writing if only to instil reassurance and confidence in wine makers – just one good tasting note makes us all very happy.