A change in taste

Since my January detox I have reduced my consumption of alcohol considerably and almost totally cut out sugar apart from its natural manifestation in healthy cool climate fruit: apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries. I found that my taste has changed and that anything with sugar, especially if I sample processed foods like my children’s breakfast cereal, now tastes incredibly sweet. This also applies to wine where I have become super-sensitive to residual sugar when I taste. I always disliked the residual sugar in certain New World wines, considering it a fraud. Now I loathe it.  Any remotely artificial taste now hangs around on my palate all day as I found when I ate a muffin at Café Nero. Port tastes violently sweet and tannins, when only slightly under-ripe, taste very bitter as I found yesterday when I drank a glass of 2007 Douro red. We will soon be blending the 2008 Pedra Basta so I will have to attune my taste or compensate for this. But for all this I feel better than ever!  For more infomation on exersize and diet visit Born2Move