Portuguese wines at Lords

London. The Annual Portuguese Tasting at Lord’s Cricket Ground. We are sharing a stand with Quinta do Passadouro who incidentally have a beautiful minerally 2008 dry white alongside their impressive Douro reds. We are perfectly placed opposite the main entrance so I can see who is coming and going. I spend much of the day in front of the table getting people I recognize to taste the wine. People are divided in their preference for the 2006 and 2007 which rather surprises me. I prefer the 07 for its structure, minerality and tipicity whereas others (perhaps those with a hunch towards the New World) prefer the riper style of the 2006. Since the Richard’s Walford Portfolio Tasting in January we have listings for our wine with a number UK independents and I am proud to say that Pedra Basta now can be found at:

  • Vinoteca, London EC1
  • The Cheshire Smokehouse, Wilmslow
  • Butler’s Wine Cellar, Brighton
  • Amphora Wines, Melton Mowbray
  • Delilah Fine Foods, Nottingham
  • Raffles Wine Company, Nalisworth
  • Sommelier Wine Company, Guernsey
  • Wine Array, Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire
  • Summertown Wine Café, Oxford

Following the annual Portuguese tasting I have number of other restaurants and retailers in my sights.