This makes us official

I receive an all-important piece of paper from the local câmara which is the Licença de Utilização for the adega. This makes us official. Although the building has been finished for over a year we have had to jump over the hurdles of Portuguese bureaucracy for this. Health and safety regulations (which never used to be much of a consideration in Portugal) are becoming ever more rigorous and everyone it talking these days about the seemingly untrammeled power of ASAE (which I see from my dictionary of acronyms stands for the Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica). They have given us the once over and we have a clean bill of health. I have also just received the IVA (VAT) that I have been owed by the Government for over 18 months (see diary entry from Monday 28th April 2008). It is a pedantic but positive note to end the year on.

Pound /euro parity