2008 looks to be our best yet

With vintage now over, I think it is fair to say that 2008 looks to be our best yet. We have just 12,000 litres (less than in 2007) and the new Trincadeira vineyard, which has performed so poorly since I bought the quinta in 2005, has shown its true worth this year (see diary entry from Monday 14th April 2008). Whereas in previous years much of the production from this vineyard has had to be sold off in bulk (a blend known to us as ‘Pedra Fodida’ – I will leave it to others to translate), this year it looks as though it may all make it into Pedra Basta. It is too early to say yet but the wine from our old vines might have the makings of Pedra e Alma.   I talk on the phone to some of the producers in the Douro who are delighted to have another promising Port vintage on their hands after the success of 2007. They have an interesting decision to make in the early part of 2009 as to which year to declare. I can’t see the market supporting both.